Food: Too Good to Waste

Americans threw 35 million tons of food into landfills and incinerators in 2013. Research shows that nearly everyone wastes more food than they think they do. The Food: Too Good to Waste Challenge will help you figure out how much food waste is happening at your home, and what you can do to waste less. This is not a competition, but a way for you to learn to better manage your food to prevent wasting it.





The Challenge


Did you know that Americans throw away a quarter to a third of all the food they buy each year? In American we waste about 430 pounds of food per person per year. That’s a lot of good food! “Wasted food” is a term used to describe wholesome, nutritious food that is disposed of.

Wasted food is the largest stream of materials in American trash. Once wasted food reaches landfills, it produces methane, a powerful greenhouse gas and a potent environmental concern.

Wasted food is also an economic issue. It is estimated that at retail and consumer levels in the United States, food loss and waste totals $161 billion dollars (EPA, Feb. 2016).

By making small changes in how we manage our food, we can have a large impact, both for ourselves, and for the environment.

Take the Challenge: Keep good food from going to waste You only need a few basic tools: Pencil & Worksheets, small bags & a small scale (optional) Click on the link above for the worksheets and strategies.




How does the Challenge work? 

Weeks 1&2—Measure the amount of food your family wastes at home.

Weeks 3-5: Try out one or more smart strategies to reduce the amount of food that is wasted, while continuing to measure your food waste. 

Many families have reduced their wasted food by 25% or more.

The Food Waste Challenge doesn’t take much time (about 15 minutes per week), and could save you food and money.