Recycled Art Contest 2017 Winners



1st Place- Astronaut Saves Earth From Trash (Brady S., Las Vegas)
2nd Place - Super Bake Can Robot (Kimberly R., Las Vegas)
3rd Place - Scrap Metal Arm (Chase B., Carson City)
Honorable Mention – First Ironman Hand (Kycin M., Elko)
Honorable Mention - #VegasStrong (Ian M., Las Vegas)


1st Place - Plaque of 1346 Doctor Mask (Daniel C., Las Vegas)
2nd Place - A Record Breaking Purse (Callie T., Boulder City)
3rd Place - Cat & Dog (Piazzi Period 6, Las Vegas)
Honorable Mention – Revision Hat (Maclain M., Reno)


1st Place - Highway Coyote (Riley M., Reno)
2nd Place - Plastic Dancer (Hokulani K., Pahrump)
3rd Place - Bring The Art Back (Jade V., Pahrump)
Honorable Mention – Polar Beauty (Patricia R., Pahrump)


1st Place - Snow Owl (Abraham Beltran, Las Vegas)
2nd Place - Nevada Proud (Emily Cervi, Carson City)
3rd Place – Plarn Mandala (Ailene Pasco, Las Vegas)


1st Place – Airplane (Adeline & Myka F., Henderson )