Reduce your waste by composting! Much of our food waste, yard waste, and paper products can be composted.


Tired of throwing away all the organic scraps from your kitchen? Vermicomposting could be your solution, its simple, cheap, and compact. Check out this guide to help you get started. Learn how it works and how to make a bin.

Where to Get Red Wiggler Worms

-Full Circle Compost (Minden, NV)

-Online Retailers

Outdoor Composting

Keep in mind that outdoor composting can be done as a "hot" or "cold" process. Hot composting works much faster, but requires more attention. You can make your own compost pile area, or purchase a tumbler or other composting equipment. 

The UNR Cooperative Extension has produced guidance documents on composting in Nevada:

The Cooperative Extension also hosts workshops on composting. 

A variety of additional informative resources can be found here