E-Waste Options


-Thrift Stores

Thrift stores will accept many electronics, however, not all will accept CRTs. The Recycling Locator Map includes thrift stores.


Here are non-profit organizations accepting electronics for refurbishing or recycling. Locations are included in the Recycling Locator Map.

    Clark County: The Blind Center 

    Washoe County: New2U Computers 

    Carson City: Computer Corps 


    Clark County: Teacher Exchange 

    Carson City: Educators' Closet



Sell (including Mail-In options)

Websites such as Craig's List are good options for selling electronics. Buy-back programs will also pay for certain electronics. A variety of buy-back companies with mail-in systems can be found online. 

The USPS has a partnership with a certified recycler that offers free shipping for small electronics.


Drop Off with Retailer

Many retail stores that sell electronics also accept them for recycling. 

This chart summarizes and compares various programs.