Frequently Asked Questions

Illegal Dumping

How do I report illegal dumping?
Don't Trash Nevada has information about reporting illegal dumping. If you live outside of Washoe or Clark counties, contact your local Sheriff's Office.

Apartment Recycling

Are recycling services available for apartment complexes?
Yes, Waste Management in northern Nevada, and Republic Services in southern Nevada offer recycling services for apartment complexes. Property managers need to set up contracts with the recycler. Often swapping out a dumpster for a recycling bin results in cost savings.

Bottle/Can Refund

Why doesn't Nevada have a bottle and can refund program, like California?
Though the legislature has considered it, a bottle bill has not been passed in Nevada. Bottle bills allow for the refund of a fee paid with the purchase of a beverage in a bottle or can. It is still possible to receive payment for empty beverage containers, particularly metal containers, in Nevada based on the value of the material. See our map of recyclers for locations that accept bottles and cans.

Expanding Recycling Opportunities

How can my community get improved and expanded recycling services?
Let your elected community leaders know that this is important to you. There are also grants available to assist in improving recycling programs. See our Grants page.

Why can't I recycle any item with a recycling symbol on it?
Though many materials are recyclable, recycling may be cost prohibitive. This is especially true for materials with low values, low demand, or complex processing procedures.

How do I dispose of an American Flag?

While burning is one of the most common and accepted forms of flag disposal, burning nylon or other synthetic flags produces hazardous gases and therefore should not be burned without proper protection.  These types of flags can be recycled by flag recycling companies like American Flag Recycling.   

There are also several organizations that can properly dispose of your flag including:

Veterans of Foreign Wars

American Legion

Boy Scouts of America

Girl Scouts of America



How do I dispose of or recycle my TV?
See the E-Waste page for more information.

Medical Waste

Sharps: Contact your local waste hauler for their preferred disposal method. Often household biohazard sharps containers can be thrown in the trash. 

Medication: Do not flush it! Many Sheriff's Offices and Police Departments have drop off bins at their offices. The FDA has guidelines for disposing of medication in the trash.

Curbside Recycling

How do I get recycling bins at my house so that I can start participating in the curbside program?
If you live in a single family home in a community with a curbside recycling program but do not have recycling bins, contact your waste hauler. Typically there is no extra charge for participating in the recycling program.

What is single stream recycling?
Single stream recycling programs allow all accepted recyclables to be thrown into the same container. Trash must be kept in a separate trash can. Many Nevada communities with curbside recycling programs have transitioned to single stream recycling. Recyclables are then sorted in a materials recovery facility (MRF), baled, and shipped to recycling facilities.